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Creativity for Kids Kits!


Brain Noodles

New bisque including mugs and frames

Lots of activity books

Perler Beads

Dissertation Writing Help

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Writing Up Dissertation

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Holiday Gift Ideas

Great for Anyone – A doodlebug gift card in any amount - good for classes, parties, merchandise, projects in studio – whatever you choose!

Babies & Toddlers at Two

• Plush Toys – we love super-soft animals with blankets attached
• Soft blocks
• Activity sets with engaging components
• Soft books
• Stacking toys, sound blocks, very simple puzzles
• Soft baby dolls

Ages 3 – 5

• Storybooks
• Stickers
• Chicken Socks from Klutz
• Activity books with stickers
• Magnetic play sets
• Wikki Stix
• Air dry clay
• Puzzles
• Simple Games
• Things that make noise
• Dress up elements (a tiara, a cape, a necklace)
• Little things (rocks, marbles, animals, mini-crayons, etc.)
• Big things (Stuffed Animals, big books)
• Tea Sets
• Cooking Sets

Ages 6 – 8

• Calico Critters
• Stamps & Stamp Pads
• Pens/Paper/Sketchbooks
• Diaries that Lock
• Webkinz & Webkinz trading cards
• Containers (jewelry boxes, lunchboxes, knapsacks…)
• Jewelry-making
• Clay (Sculpey/Fimo or Air Dry)
• Learning to Knit, Sew, Weave and so on
• Jewelry (charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces)
• Activity Books
• Large coloring/Painting Books/Sets
• Princesses, Pirates, Fairies, Horses, Dragons, Knights, etc.
• Groovy Girls
• Klutz
• Games
• Shrinky Dinks
• Window Art
• Cooking Sets
• A Play date at doodlebug
• Jump rope

Ages 9+

• Webkins
• Ugly Dolls
• Painting/Drawing Sets
• Design (cars, fashion, science, etc)
• Jewelry, sewing, knitting, papercrafts
• Scrapbooks, make books
• American Girl/Pick Your Own Ending Books
• Information/How To/Advice books
• Games
• Craft Kits – from metal/leather to
• Mosaic projects
• Science Kits
• A private class at doodlebug with a small group of friends
• Jump rope

Ages Teen – Adult

• Materials for their favorite activity (knitting, sewing, papercrafts, beads, clay, etc.)
• A book – cookbook, gardening, art, craft, humor, resource, etc.
• Make Something!!!! – paint pottery, paint, decoupage or mosaic on wood, create a scrapbook, paint a canvas, make a handprint, etc.
• “How to” Kit (knitting, sewing, quilting, weaving, jewelry, mosaic, etc.)
• A visit to doodlebug with their best friend
• A class or a surprise party
• Jump rope with workout tape
• A scrapbook and some supplies to begin filling it (and some photos?)

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